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Who is Juniper Street Tutoring?

Hi! My name is Morgan, and I am the woman behind Juniper Street Tutoring, LLC.

I teach all subjects, and offer intensive intervention for students with dyslexia!

I discovered my passion for teaching very early on in life. I struggled immensely in math until the 7th grade when I had a teacher who understood how to work with me. It took a lot of personal grit, but I came out with a love for helping others.

I have tutored students my entire academic career. I majored in English and tutored classmates, assisted international students in their English, and helped my best friends with their essays into the UW Business School. I received my BA in English and English Language Arts Teaching Endorsement from UW Seattle, which involved a wide liberal education in literature, working with students in high risk classrooms, and linguistics. Discovering a love of language, I chose to dive deeper into what it means to teach students with dyslexia. I discovered the Wilson Reading System and haven't looked back. Students with severe reading deficits or a SLD (such as dyslexia) are given intensive instruction using the Wilson Reading System. 

A lot more than people think goes into teaching. No one method is a catch-all, which is why so many students fall behind and lack the skills to do more than "yesterday's work". I learn the way a student learns and thrive on that interpersonal connection. I work with them in their unique way to strengthen their foundational skills. After, we then work together to build their skills in analysis and application, problem solving and critical thinking--executive and cognitive functioning. The approach is methodical, logical, sequential, explicit, multisensory, and absolutely rewarding. My goal is not to walk your child through their academic career. My goal is to make your child an independent, intelligent human being capable of figuring out next week's work by themselves.

Headshot of Female Reading Tutor for Dyslexia

Owner, Lead Tutor

When I am not working behind the scenes or teaching, I am baking, fishing, or playing soccer on a local semi-pro team! 

Headshot of male sat tutor in Everett, Mill Creek, and Bothell

Associate Tutor

Hi! My name is Derek. I grew up in Kirkland, WA. I studied math and English as an undergrad at the University of Chicago. I've worked as a tutor since high school, including three years of full-time tutoring math, science, and standardized tests after college. I recently graduated from the UW School of Law, and I'm planning on continuing to tutor for at least a couple years while I figure out what I want to do with my JD.


I've always loved math, and am passionate about guiding students through their math hangups and phobias so they can develop good problem solving habits. My goal is to get students to think of math like a language instead of a series of abstractions. Every student has different needs, so I'm always teaching with a focus on helping students discover and articulate what works best for them. I have experience working with neurodivergent students, and I'm comfortable working on the full gamut of core subjects with students ranging from elementary school through the start of college.

When I'm not teaching, I like to read, write, play strategy games, and watch soccer and basketball.

Hi, my name is Derek! 

 I teach both in-person and online. I can travel to you or a preferred location, like a library. 

I teach math from upper elementary through early college, SAT/ACT prep, and middle through collegiate level English. 

Hi, my name is Natalie! 

 I teach both in-person and online. I can travel to you or a preferred location, like a library. 

I teach math and reading/writing from kindergarten through early high school. 

Hi there! My name is Natalie. Growing up, I spent almost all of my time in the classroom and loved it! I watched my mom, a former secondary math teacher, help students both understand and enjoy learning math. I've always enjoyed school, but I realize that not all students share this sentiment. For years, I saw my family fighting to advocate for my younger brother with ADHD, for whom school was a daily struggle. Throughout this process, I learned the importance of accommodating student needs to facilitate learning. 

I attended high school in Woodinville, WA, where I graduated Magna cum laude and discovered my passion for working with students with diverse abilities. I spent two years while in high school working one-on-one with neurodiverse students to grow their academic and social skills, and I provided virtual support during the pandemic to 1st through 6th graders in all subjects, including math, science, reading, and writing. These experiences have taught me to be flexible and collaborate with students to find the most effective teaching methods for them. Learning is not one-size fits all! Today, I am pursuing my associate degree in occupational therapy to continue supporting those with physical and cognitive disabilities. 

With my strong background in supporting neurodiverse students, I help students develop the academic and executive functioning skills that will allow them to succeed. I believe that learning should be engaging and enjoyable for all students, and I am committed to creating a safe space for students to thrive with compassionate support!

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Associate Tutor

When I'm not teaching, I am hiking, knitting, or reading one of the many books on my ever-growing to-read list.

What Makes Us Special?

With so many places promising academic success, read about what sets us apart from the standard.

Implementation of the Wilson Reading System for students with severe reading deficits or diagnosed dyslexia

No massive up front tuition or long term commitment.

Every session is individually planned and adjusted to the student's needs. 

Flexibility is guaranteed. We will find a schedule that works for you and can adjust as we go.

We get to the root of your child's struggles. We don't teach at a surface level. That way, they can tackle academic challenges in the future by using the tools in the toolbox we have helped them create.

Students with all learning differences are welcome: SLDs such as dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, ADHD, cognitive delays, or that are 2E. 

We build confidence. Everything we do is to help you see just how smart you already are and can grow to be.

Regular, weekly communication with detailed updates and information on how best to help our student at home between sessions. 

If English and Math are plain boring to your child, we will make lessons around their own personal interests. They can write and do math problems related to what they already enjoy. No other tutoring place offers that level of personal care and customization.

Executive function coaching for students that struggle to keep their assignments in order (especially difficult with online schooling). Students won't have mom or dad forever to keep their responsibilities in order. Parents of students with ADHD know this stress. 

We teach all ages and all subjects. Seriously! Our youngest students are in kindergarten learning sight words, reading, and receiving math support, and our oldest are in high school taking Algebra II, AP English courses, and getting college essay assistance!

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